Color Palettes
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Color Palettes let you explore widely-known color sets, and discover colors. Select a color, either by browsing the set or search by name or HEX value, and Color Palettes will find similar colors. You can also save a color to favorite list for future referencing. A quick list of color and similar colors can also be exported directly to Numbers/Excel supported format and send to your e-mail.

FeaturesWhat's new
  • 17 Sets, 541 Colors.
  • Browse by set.
  • Browse by color.
  • Search color by name or HEX value.
  • Color information include name, set, HEX value, RGB value in both floating point and integer.
  • Automatically discovering similar colors.
  • Export in CSV (supported in Numbers/Excel/most spreadsheet software) and mail directly to your peers and colleagues.